Sunday, 20 June 2010

Sally Matthews

I keep coming across amazing animal sculptures! These ones are made out of felt, steel and cow muck!

Drowning Boys (oils on paper)

When I was a nipper we used to go on trips with the local play group to Scarborough. I remember the sea wall appearing absolutely massive. A couple of shirtless youths hopped over the wall straight into the choppy swell below and all I glimpsed of them after that was their huge panicky eyes and unusually vibrant hair! I'm not sure what happened to those boys, maybe the great whites got them..

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Boy On Horse by Theodor Kittelsen (here's a closer look..)

Boy On White Horse by Theodor Kittelsen

I found this beautiful painting whilst searching for stories about Kelpies (Celtic urban myth about a water horse)
i love how the horse is bordering on cartoonish illustration and the surrounding pond is beautifully washed out and dreamlike.

Sunday, 28 February 2010

The Eenucorn. Upcycled painting

I really hope this wasn't a collectable before I painted over it with the rolling hills of Eenucorn wood.
Originally this was a painting of a stream meandering gently through a forest! I got it from a charity shop and then painted over it thinly, layer by layer with oils.

I loved how it already came with a back story and an identity and then I wrote my narrative over it.
It was like doing a secret collaboration (and a very cheap one at that!)

Jin Young Yu glass sculptures

These eerie glass sculptures have really struck a chord with me. They are by a Korean artist and have that weird cutesy-ness that the far east is recognised for, but that's not what you immediately think when you see these sculptures. The cuteness is buried under a shed load of uneasiness and melancholy.
I'm kinda scared that one of these little ghostly girlys might haunt my sleep tonight but I would still love to have one sitting on my mantle piece!

i'm not usually mega interested in figurative sculpture but these drift wood horses have enchanted me and made my heart swell!! They are by Heather Jansch and just lovely.