Sunday, 21 February 2010

Two Green Ears. Blown glass installation

if you're an 80's child like me, you may remember a series of books called Puddle Lane.. the most unnerving thing about these tales was the two green ears of The Griffle appearing on their own in mid air..
If you ever get chance, read the books back, they rekindle that feeling of uneasiness and suspense, as soon as you plant your eyes on the Puddle Lane street sign and the two green ears of that long, green, predatory, 7 foot tall griffle hanging eerily in a poof of smoke, you'll know what i mean!
I got the ears made by a lovely bloke who specializes in blown glass, his name is Bruce Marks and he's based in London. He did a perfect job and at a very reasonable price!
I thought it would be cool to have these ears suspended about 7ft from the floor in a corner so that it seemed the Griffle was secretly spying on everyone from a mucky little corner!

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